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Stroller Shopping


When we found out we were going to be parents, we began stroller-stalking people to figure out what kind we wanted. We really liked the classic look of the pram, but a cursory search of eBay revealed that these were a little difficult to come by.

We’re both taller, so we knew we wanted to avoid the issues of kicking a braking bar or hunching over handles that were too low, or, alternatively, avoid having to come up with unconventional solutions to the problems generated by a too-short stroller.


We executed pretty intense people-watching at multiple times and locations, but we didn’t find the perfect stroller until we went to an actual stroller dealer.


Baby Blossom, a store in Fairfax, VA, had an impressive range of options, and even offered a demo baby (a creepy 10-pound baby doll) for you to use in testing the suspension, latches, and other features. The place is state of the art.

We went out in the parking lot, where strollers got put to the test with uneven pavement and the best power-walks a 6’2″ man and a heat-stricken pregnant lady could muster. One parent’s tests were more effective than the other in seeing what the strollers had under the bassinets, so to speak, but we won’t name names.

In the end, only one stroller passed the handlebar, braking bar, and suspension challenges we put it to and here it is.

Just kidding. Our actual choice is pictured in the lower right in black with a striped blanket. The demo baby is still in residence. Natalie will be riding in style in the turquoise color scheme. This thing is really fancy and awesome. The chassis supports the carseat she has, and the seat can be front or rear facing, and can go upright, flat, or anywhere in between. We can’t wait for Natalie to be born so we can take her for rides in it, since she’ll be way cuter in it than the demo baby.



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