Natalie Odom

22 weeks

We went for another ultrasound at 20 weeks, where we were supposed to get to find out whether we were having a little boy or a little girl. This ultrasound was also supposed to tell us things like whether the baby had enough fingers and toes, whether her face was developing properly, how long her legs and arms were, and how much she weighed. Our little monkey somehow managed to completely obscure not only her gender, but every other relevant feature at the 20 week test. If you can picture it, she was positioned as follows: legs crossed and drawn up, her arms crossed and planted over her face, her fists clenched, and her head tucked under.



As a result, we got referred to another doctor who had a more sophisticated ultrasound machine at his office for a do-over. Waiting another two weeks to go find out what we were having was murderous (primarily because we’d already counted down the weeks and days once… Having to reset the clock was tough).

Unsurprisingly, our little darling was still doing “The Natalie,” so we didn’t get a very good look at her face, but the ultrasound tech did manage to wait until she moved around enough to show us that she was going to be a little girl!

We got a glimpse of her face in 3D, though she stubbornly kept her fists planted in front of it. The beautiful thing looked like the image of her daddy, which was pretty adorable. The ultrasound also revealed that we had a long-legged, long-armed kid on our hands.


One little bonus associated with our extra wait to find out her gender was the fact that we got to have her whole ultrasound on DVD. There’s no audio, but it’s a pretty adorable video nonetheless. You see the entire video below. It takes about 30 seconds to get going. Be patient.


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