Natalie Odom
Introducing Baby Odom!

We found out we were going to get to be parents, so we went to the doctor to get our first look at the cute new member of our family. We excitedly entered the doctors office only to be turned away due to a clerical error at our insurance company. We were pretty disappointed (having been looking forward to a glimpse of the baby), but when we went back the next week, we finally got our first look at “Baby Odom,” or “BO,” as she was known then. Unbeknownst to us, that little sweetheart (which looked like a gummi bear) was in the pose which we have come to lovingly call “The Natalie.” She was doing it when her arm was a flipper and not an arm at all, and she would go on to do it in every ultrasound since so keep an eye out for it in coming posts. The pose is characterized by one or both hands being in front of and obscuring the face.

Baby Odom, as she was then known. 11/15/2011